The Maximum Stream Flow Of The Kura River And Their Changing

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Ts. Basilashvili
N. Berdzenishvili


On the basis of statistical processing of 50-60 year stationary observations carried out on hydrostorms of the Kura river of economic importance, the norms of average annual and maximum water discharge are clarified; trends have been constructed and the rates of annual changes in the maximum discharge of rivers have been established. It has been revealed that floods intensify and maximum water expenditures increase on the two rivers fed by glacial waters, while on the others the opposite trend has been observed – the diminish. The data obtained are of practical use for water management calculations in scientific, business and design organizations with the view of confirming various constructions and conducting preventive measures. The obtained evaluation of the river water flow change is of vital importance for planning the water management systems and for the environmental safety.

Kura River, Stream Flow
Published: Sep 19, 2020

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Ecology of Landscape and Environmental Protection