Some Results Of Anti-hail Works In Kakheti Into 2016-2019

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A. Amiranashvili
V. Chikhladze
N. Kveselava
I. Sauri


Some results of anti-hail works in Kakheti into 2016-2019 are presented. Period of observation: April-October, 2016-2019. The area of shielded from the hail territory - 800000 hectares, including total area of agricultural land - 565000 hectares. In particular, the mean annual values of some characteristics of hail processes and parameters of active action on them are following: number of days with the action on the hail processes – 46; number of clouds, subjected to action – 204; number of clouds, which gave hail damage – 16; quantity of the used rockets – 3176; area of the territories, damaged to 100% - 3069 hectares. In the investigated period of time most frequently they were observed the hail clouds of the third category (44% of cases), most rarely - clouds of first k category (6.7% of cases). The clouds of the fourth category were observed into 8.7 % of cases.

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Published: Sep 19, 2020

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