Storm Wind In Tbilisi And Rustavi Cities On 21 September 2019. Analysis Of Data Of Radar, Aerological And Groundbased Measurements

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N. Javakhishvili
E. Kekenadze
M. Mitin
I. Samkharadze


Results of analysis of the data of radar, aerological and ground-based measurements of the storm wind in Tbilisi and Rustavi cities, which was observed on September 21, 2019, are represented. In particular, it is obtained that the data of radar observation about wind speed at the level 2.0 km above Tbilisi are in the satisfactory agreement with the data of ground-based measurements. Data of radiosonde for the same height show the substantially decreased values of wind speed.

Dangerous Meteorological Processes, Wind, Radar Monitoring
Published: Sep 22, 2022

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