Variability Of The Annual Sum Of Atmospheric Precipitations In Kakheti In 1956-2015

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T. Bliadze
G. Gvasalia
L. Kartvelishvili
D. Kirkitadze
N. Mekoshkishvili


The results of statistical analysis of data on annual sum of atmospheric precipitation for six points of Kakheti - Telavi, Sagarejo, Kvareli, Gurjaani, Dedoplistskaro and Lagodekhi are presented. The study period from 1956 to 2015. In particular, it was found that the linear trend of precipitation is observed only in Lagodekhi (positive trend) and Sagarejo (weak negative trend). Within the studied time period in 1986-2015, compared with 1956-1985, the average annual sum of precipitation in Sagarejo decreased by 73 mm, and in Lagodekhi it increased by 157 mm. The linear correlation between the P values at the studied stations is significant (α(R) < 0.01). The values of R vary from 0.40 (pair Sagarejo - Lagodekhi) to 0.74 (pair Telavi - Kvareli and pair Gurjaani - Kvareli).

Regional Climate Change, Atmospheric Precipitations
Published: Sep 30, 2022

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