Statistical Characteristics Of The Daily Max Of Wind Speed In Kakheti In The Days With And Without Hail Processes In 2017-2019

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A. Amiranashvili
V. Chikhladze
G. Gvasalia
D. Loladze


The statistical analysis of the daily maximum speed of wind in the days without hail processes W(I) and in the days with hail processes W(II) for 13 points of Kakheti in the period from 1 April through 31 October 2017-2019 is represented. In particular, the following results are obtained: mean values of W(I) change from 1.3 m/sec to 8.3 m/sec, mean values of W(II) change from 1.6 m/sec to 8.8 m/sec (at the stations Tsnori and Sagarejo, respectively); the difference between the mean values of W(II) and W(I) change from 0.2 m/sec (Dzveli Anaga) to 1.9 m/sec (Naendrovali) and on the average in all stations this difference is 0.9 m/sec; the distributions of mean values of W(I) and W(II) in the territory of Kakheti has the uneven nature; the map of the distribution of mean values of W(II)-W(I) on the territory of Kakheti is given;between mean values of W(II) and W(I) on all station of Kakheti practically linear connection is observed; dependence of W(I) and W(II) from H has form of third power of polinomial.

Local Climate, Hail Processes, Max Wind Speed
Published: Sep 30, 2022

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