Statistical Characteristics Of Daily Minimum Values Of Horizontal Meteorological Visibility In Telavi (Georgia)

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T. Bliadze
A. Tchankvetadze


The statistical characteristics of the minimum values of horizontal meteorological visibility (Vis) in Telavi in the period 2010, 2012-2015 are presented. The values of Vis in Telavi changes from 0.2 km (on the average - 7±4 days with year) to ≥50 km (on the average - 246±15 days with year). The mean number of days per annum with the minimum values of visibility of another intensity of Vis is follows: Vis = 20 km – 62±22; Vis = 10 km – 11±4; Vis = 4 km –31±5; Vis = 2 km –6±2; Vis = 1 km –2±1; Vis = 0.5 km –3±3.Data about repeatability of Vis in three periods of year and in different month of year are presented.

Visibility, Urban Climate
Published: Sep 19, 2020

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Physical-chemical and Cosmic Ecology