Reporting Of Statistical Circuits Research Methodology On Calculator Machine

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Ts. Beradze


In modern conditions there are numerous methods which allow for the functioning of the elements of the system and which are the regressive part in a mathematical model, which is given by means of random numbers. To that end, it is necessary to generate random numbers and pseudo-random numbers.

The paper dwells on the random numbers generation conditions and the sequence of obtaining random numbers with any distribution law. In this case, as parameters, there have been selected the random values equally distributed within the interval [0,1]. The paper also describes the most common methods of random number generation.

Thus, the paper presents the calculation results and demonstrates that the neglect of an initial interval leads to a significant increase in the assessment accuracy of mathematical expectation, as compared with a real one.

Random Numbers, Mathematical Expectation
Published: Sep 19, 2020

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Physical-chemical and Cosmic Ecology