The Results Of The Heavy Metal Determination In Food Products

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N. Lomtatidze
D. Baratashvili
N. Alasania
G. Qatamadze
N. Gawava


The role of individual products for healthy nutrition is enormous. Depending on their chemical composition, a full healthy daily diet is determined. On an atomic absorption spectrometer, we studied the content of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, copper, zinc, arsenic) in frozen and fresh meat of chicken and beef in foods.

The study showed that in case of fresh and frozen chicken meat it was not identified that the content of heavy metals exceeds the permissible standard for heavy metals. As a result of freezing, large amounts of copper and zinc were reduced in chicken meat, a relatively insignificant change in the content of lead and arsenic, and the cadmium content did not change at all.

Only the copper content in beef was slightly higher (5.38 mg / kg) than the permissible limit of -5.0 mg / kg, and in the case of frozen beef there was no excess. After freezing, no copper or cadmium was found in the beef, and the contents of lead, zinc and arsenic decreased slightly.

Studies have shown that it is better to eat fresh chicken and beef, because they have a useful chemical composition for the body than frozen chicken and beef. The study was conducted at the Laboratory Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture of Adjara.

Food Products, Heavy Metals
Published: Sep 19, 2020

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Biomedical Ecology