Changeability Of Annual Values Of Mortality As Whole In Georgia And Kakheti Region From 1993 To 2018

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K.R. Khazaradze
M.S. Chkhitunidze
N.D. Japaridze


The results of the study of the variability of annual mortality in general in Georgia and its Kakheti region from 1993 to 2018 are presented. The variability of both total mortality and mortality in urban and rural areas is considered. In particular, the mortality trend is as follows: total mortality is a third order polynomial both in general in Georgia and in the Kakheti region; mortality in urban areas - a ninth order polynomial for Georgia and a tenth order polynomial for Kakheti; mortality in rural areas is an eighth order polynomial in Georgia as a whole and in the Kakheti region. In 2006-2018 in comparison with 1993-2005, with the exception of rural areas of Kakheti, the following mortality growth was observed: total mortality - by 13.5 and 16.8% as a whole in Georgia and in Kakheti, respectively; mortality in urban areas - by 5.4% in Georgia; in rural areas - by 25.1 and 22.3% as a whole in Georgia and in Kakheti,

Health of Population, Mortality, Trend
Published: Sep 19, 2020

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Biomedical Ecology