Questions Of Assessing The Ecological Load Of The Cultural Tourism Environment

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G. Gunia


The paper deals with the assessment of the pollution of the natural environment of cultural tourism areas. With the help of this material, one can judge the results of the impact of large-scale transfers of harmful impurities on the ecological state of the studied areas of cultural tourism.

Also given are the results of studies of the mineralization of precipitation in the studied regions and a method for assessing the quantities of mineral substances washed from the atmosphere to the earth's surface, which allows us to judge the environmental load of cultural tourism areas.

Moreover, they allow us to conclude that atmospheric precipitation significantly contributes to the circulation of substances in the environment and is the main mechanism of self-purification of the atmosphere from impurities. In addition, the study of the chemical composition of precipitation is o

Ecology, Culture
Published: Sep 19, 2020

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Tourism and Ecology