The Role Of Religion In Tourism Development And Biblical Parallels In The Creation Of Akaki Tsereteli

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S. Tsagareishvili
A. Naskidashvili
M. Kobakhidze


Religious tourism is an integral part of the modern tourism industry. The outlook on which the spiritual, cultural and social political life of our nation has been building for centuries with such a brief formulation can be defined aChristian patriotism. It is the love of God and motherland that has been reflected in the writings of Akaki Tsereteli. There are many verses, poems or short storiesof the Bible abundantly found, particularly the existence and supremacy of God, is expressed in Akaki's poem "Praise of Praise" and "vanity" the birth ofLord is vividly describedby Akaki in the verse “Christmas”, the Lord's Epiphany process is reflected in the verse "Epiphany" …Judas betrayed the Lord, and the poet narrates about it."Mourning Angel", "The Crucifixion", "The Christ Is Risen", "The Blessing" the Savior has risen,Akaki was overjoyed by this event,and many verses have been dedicated to this holiday, such as
“Easter in the Village”, “Easter Sunday”, and more.

Getting acquainted with Akaki Tsereteli's creativity from a religious point of view will promote cultural and religious tourism in Georgia, as tourists pay not only for basic services but also for extra services. There are also invisible export participants

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Published: Sep 19, 2020

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