Opportunities to practice ecotourism in the Middle Rhodopes region

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Tashev Nikolai


During the study of possibilities for practicing ecotourism in the region of the Middle Rhodopes it became clear, that the area is rich with possibilities. In the six municipalities, taken under consideration, there are nine relatively to very popular eco-paths constructed and tens of other routes, suitable for tourism. There is a big diversity of options in length, difficulty, landscape, atmosphere and other features to choose from for practising ecological tourism. Apart from the traditional hiking among nature, several other alternative forms of tourism are available in the region – recreational, biking, horse riding, historical, cultural, religious, botanical, sports (including fishing and hunting), extreme, alpine, cognitive and even SPA and wellness. The region is rich with natural resources – apart from flora and fauna, there are many rivers with waterfalls, caves, rock formations and other features of the landscape. Among natural resources, there are found many monuments with historical, religious and anthropological meanings. The potential of the region for practising and developing different kinds of alternatives, related to ecology, and tourism is gigantic. During the study though, it became clear that only a small part of this potential is used.

Published: Dec 4, 2022

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Tourism And Ecology Of The Spiritual World