Working On The Formation Of Ecological Awareness Among Students In Georgian Language And Literature Classes In Elementary Grades

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Malvina Shanidze


In literary works, samples of poetry or prose, ecological themes often dominate, environmental problems are highlighted and the question of the need to solve these problems is raised.
In order to develop ecological awareness among students, texts created on appropriate topics are selected for the Georgian language and literature lessons at the primary level. Discussion, comprehension and analysis of texts with second-grade students can take place:
a) in the form of dialogue;b) by selecting and writing "embroidery type" text;
c) purposeful use of graphic organizers;
d) by interpreting the text (it will be conducted as a complex task based on group work);
e) by creating posters;
f) with in-depth reflection and constructive feedback.
As we can see, children's works created on environmental issues should be selected for students. It is important to have a correct and responsible attitude of the teacher towards such a serious problem, so that after analyzing and understanding the issue, children will develop ecological awareness and become friends of nature.

Published: Dec 4, 2022

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