Tourist-ecological Imereti

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S. Tsagareishvili
A. Naskidashvili


Tourist-recreational events in the region of Imereti are held by ,,Destination Management Organization-Imereti", Ltd tourist company ,, orin Georgia", bike lovers' club of Kutaisi, representative of tourist company ,,Rafting" in Georgia, Mountaineers and travelers club ,, Tetnuldi", Club of Mountaineers, Climbers and Speleologists "Caucasus", caves of Sataplia and Prometheus, Borjomi and Kharagauli National Park and other organizations. Annually, there is held well organized event ,,kutaisi-Gviriloba" in Kutaisi, in the clean atmosphere. On this day, tourist center of city-museum is vacant from transport. We consider it as expedient to be created ecologically clean centers in the cities and districts of Imereti, where cognitive, recovery and enjoyment activities will take place on holidays.

Published: Dec 4, 2022

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Tourism And Ecology Of The Spiritual World