Mushroom Amanita Caesarea (Scopoli: Fries) Person Distribution Situation In The Region Of Shida Kakheti

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L.G Bazerashvili
A.D Dadegashvili


The A. Caesareae (Scopoli: Fries) Pecsoon is new record for eastern Georgia Kakheti region, In 2016-2021, based on successful studies, the distribution was revealed in oak and beech deciduous forests, on the edge of the forest, in small populations. The limiting factors are: anthropogenic factor’s collection or destruction of fruit bodies by the population and climatic factors. It needs extensive investigation to find out distribution pattern and diversity index. It needs special attention to avoid their unmanaged explotation. Harvesting should be done more scientifically rather then traditional methods.

Published: Dec 4, 2022

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Landscapes and food ecology