Urbanization And Its Challenges

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Darejan Chkhirodze
Manana Bandzeladze


Urbanization (French: Urbanization, Urbanus - Urban) - a historical process of increasing the role of cities in the development of society, which is expressed in the preferential concentration of population, economy, culture and other cities.The process was step by step, at the beginning of the first stage it.

Characterized by large displacement of urban rural population, increase in the number of cities, concentration and accumulation of economic, cultural potential in large cities. In the next stage, there is the dissemination of the established norms of urban culture through the media (print, radio, television) and their development by the population of small towns and rural areas. Urbanization has dramatically changed the nature of the population settlement - its point has been replaced by agglomerations. The settlements were formed in the largest form. Urbanization has both pros and cons The quality of urban life is directly related to how sensible the urbanization process is. This process is accompanied by an increase in environmental pollution in large cities, deteriorating living conditions in the regions. The atmosphere of large cities contains higher concentrations of toxic substances than rural areas. Disturbing the balance in the distribution of the population in the territory;

Published: Dec 4, 2022

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