Peculiarities Of Molecular Physics And The Second Law As An Ideology Of The Destruction Of Nature - Kelvin's Demon

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Amiran Aptsiauri


In the paper is shown that the founders of modern thermodynamics, who, from the position of the second law, refuted the idea of the great Scottish scientist James Maxwell about the possibility of sorting molecules, made a gross mistake, which determined the development of energetics and scientific-technological progress in general, in the wrong direction. Returning again to the idea of James Maxwell abouth possibility of useful energy generation from the thermal energy of an equilibrium medium (a system of bodies of equal temperature), by sorting fast and slow molecules, the author of this work emphasized that the sorting of molecules actually occurs on the boundary surface of phase separation during liquid evaporation. Therefore, evaporation is one example of such processes that violate the principles of Clausius, Kelvin and Carnot. It is proved that, in real complex systems in which there is a phase, chemical, mechanical, electromagnetic, etc. non-equilibrium, temperature equilibrium is not an obstacle to the generation of useful energy. Accordingly, the fundamental principles of thermodynamics are valid only for simple thermodynamic systems and for the correct development of science, in classical thermodynamics, the approach of James Maxwell must be brought to the fore.

Published: Dec 4, 2022

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Physico-chemical and space ecology
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Amiran Aptsiauri , Kutaisi Technological Academy

Academy of Ecological sciences of Georgia