Spase and time on some aspects of theories

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Eteri Ormotsadze-Makharadze
Manana Chiteishvili


In the work discusses the similarities differences of H. Reichenbach and A. Grunbaum’s views, on issues related to space and time, such as the congruence of space and time, the problem of simultaneity; it is interest also to the authors argument about the relationship between time, order, and causality, Wich deepen the ideas that Einstein formulated as a physicist.
For example, Reichenbach thinks that there is no absolute direction of time, that is why the direction of time should be determined by the increase in entropy, however, either it has no absolute significance. The one – sidedness of time is essentially probabilistic. As for a. A. Greenbaum, he explores the problem of the direction of time through the reversible and irreversible processes in nature. In his view, the assertion of time is not entirely equivalent to fact that time flows in one direction.
Key words: congruence, interval, space, time, measurement, simultaneity, relativity, inequality, Euclidean, marking, probability.

კონგრუენტობა, ინტერვალი, სივრცე, დრო, გაზომვა, ერთდროულობა, რე-ლატიურობა, უტოლობა, ევკლიდური, მარკირება, ხდომილობა
Published: Nov 30, 2023

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Physico-chemical and space ecology