Rivers of Kakheti region of nourishment valuation

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Nana Berdzenishvili
Ninaka Berdzenishvili


In the present work, the rivers of the Kakheti region are discussed of nourishment valuation. By means of flood activity coefficients, it was possible to identify the areas of Kakheti rivers that carry a relatively high risk. As the analysis of actual data from the past century has shown, climate change significantly affects the hydrological cycle. Changes in atmospheric precipitation, snow cover, and glaciers are of decisive importance in shaping the formation of surface runoff and water resources of the river. According to the limit values of river basins containing the risk, the Iori river basin was included in the highest risk area.

გლობალური დათბობა, საზრდოობა, ექსტრემალური, მინიმალური, მაქსიმალური ტემპერატურა, კლიმატი
Published: Nov 30, 2023

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Langshcape ecology and Climat change