Development trends of the tourism industry in the context of climate change in Georgia

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A. Amiranashvili
L. Kartvelishvili
N. Kezevadze


In order to properly design the tourism business, in the evaluation of tourist-recreational resources, it is necessary to evaluate the role of climate and its change in the development of this important sector of the economy, both from an ecological and material point of view.
The complex of meteorological elements, which well reflects the combined effect of their values, is represented by bioclimatic and tourism climatic indices. In order to evaluate the potential of tourist and recreational resources, for the first time in Georgia, we used the complex climatic parameter K of tourism, which is determined based on combinations of various meteorological elements (air temperature, amount of atmospheric precipitation, relative humidity, average duration of sunshine).

ტურისტულ-რეკრეაციული რესურსები, კლიმატური ინ-დექსი, მდგრადი განვითარება, საკურორტო ინდუსტრია
Published: Nov 30, 2023

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Enviromental protection and ecotourism