Climate change and its influence on human health

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Darejan Chkhirodze
Manana Bandzeladze
Nunuka Chachkhiani
Davit Sinauridze


negative aspects of climate change. Climate change, as a cause of biodiversity change, also has a certain impact on human health and psycho-emotional condition. The problems caused by climate change have a negative impact on the well-being of the society.
The population is becoming more and more vulnerable and needs to adapt changing environmental conditions, income decreases, impoverishment ,living conditions are deteriorating, income decreases, becomes poorer,Living conditions are deteriorating more and mor Efforts are being made to fix the problems and more Fewer resources and power remain for development and progress,for education and cultural life. All this addedHealth problems, own and loved ones, graduallyIt makes the daily life of a person more and more unbearable.Poor relations, increasing alienation, common problems
The degree of appropriation, which ultimately affects the publicIt harms the consciousness and even the sense of national unity. Thus, we can conclude that all areas of human life,- economic, cultural, health, psychological (insecurity),- On the basis of deterioration, people's social status deterioratesProsperityThe article discusses climate change as a result of greenhouse gas emissions in the environment and discusses the impact of climate change on human health, using the example of Kutaisi, that the adopted attitude allows establishing a connection between the city's population and the harmful substances emitted from the landfill and among possible diseases. i.e. If the number of the city's population, harmful substances emitted from the landfill are known, then it is possible to determine the correlation of human diseases and deaths with the amount of environmental pollutants.

კლიმატის ცვლილება, სათბურის ეფექტი, სათბურის გაზები, გლობალური დათბობა, დაავადება
Published: Nov 30, 2023

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Biodiversity and biomedical ecology