South American Tuta Absoluta Spread In Imereti Region And Environmentally Safe Methods Of Disposal

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N. Chachkhiani
N. Kamkamidze


The paper deals with an invasive tomato quarantine pest South American Tuta Absoluta spread, bioecology and the use of integrated measures to combat it. Pests are characterized by their potentially high rates of population increase. It is likely to develop 10-12 generations per year. The biological cycle is completed in 29-38 days in terms of environmental conditions. When going through formation, the fruit is damaged. Damaged fruit is the target of secondary pathogens, causing the fruit to die. From the first pest control visit, it is of great importance to take certain measures and respond to it timely. Implementation of ecologically safe methods of combating due to distribution and settlement density (integrated agro-technical, sanitary-hygienic, biotech, biological).

Tomatoes, Pests, Mosquitoes, Pheromones, Organics, Insecticides
Published: Sep 19, 2020

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Biomedical Ecology