Prospects Productions Of Products Of The Zanen And Alpen Goats In The Outskirts Of Rustavi And Mtskheta

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T. Zhgenti
V. Ghlighvashvili


The article represents a general overview of the goat breeding. It discusses the world's best-known dairy breeds: The Sanen and Alpen goat, Its characterization, standard growth-development conditions, Breed data and adaptation and maintenance of this breed in Georgia. We are talking about the general state of the goat breedingin Georgia over the past years and now days. In order to determine profitability of breeding this species in our country,We
are observing the abundance of goat farming of the Zanen and Alpen breed in the outskirts of Rustavi And Mtskheta cities Its general condition, growth and development, feeding and resistance disease. In conclusion, we note that, under the current conditions, the resulting inputs have undergone adaptation normally and their productivity must be fully satisfactory their products are very necessary and useful for the residents of the city.

Goat Breeding, Development Prospects
Published: Sep 19, 2020

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Biomedical Ecology