Nature And The Ecology Of The Spirit World

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D. Chkhirodze
M. Bandzeladze
E. Gegeshidze


Ecology of spirit -it's the eternal strire for nobility and for kindness and beauty. Christianity, ortodoxy and counteraction art, whith is defined with following criteria: Eco-moral responsibility to young and future generation for saving life on the universe. Conformism-co-ordination between people's action and envivonment resource. Altruism,Philanthropy-charity, implying capability of unselfish delivery for a friend - fellow-creature and the
universe. Tolerance-loyalty to the nature as well as to the human. Consequently all these factors guarantee saving spirit ecology, - which means to bring people back to the nature - the supreme assence.

Nature, The Spiritual World, Ecology
Published: Sep 19, 2020

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Ecology of the Spiritual World