Mass Tourism In Protected Areas Of Georgia - The Way To Economical And Financial Success Of The Country Or An Environmental Problem

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D. Chiotashvili


Preservation of biological and landscape diversity, ecological security and natural heritage of Georgia's protected areas is one of the important and solid guarantors of the country's financial revenue growth and tourism development. Sustainable tourism development in protected areas is one of the important issues, but it is necessary to find a golden middle ground when tourism is developed at a level that minimizes adverse environmental impacts. Constant opposition, protected areas and their primary care and care for the environment if mass tourism is like walking in a closed circle, which is not the solution. Specific emphasis, full preservation and protection of protected areas, or mass tourism on protected areas, would be a mistake in our opinion. It is vital to develop concrete, consistent and systematic strategies that ensure a relatively harmonious mix of nature conservation and mass tourism.

Mass Tourism, Protected Areas, Ecology, Natural Heritage
Published: Sep 19, 2020

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Tourism and Ecology