Ecobiochemical Status Of The Main Rivers Of Eastern Georgia And Their Classification According To Hydrochemical Indicators

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N.S. Buachidze
L.U. Shavliashvili
E.M. Bakradze
G.P. Kuchava
G.I. Kordzakhia


The rivers Mtkvari, Liaxvi, Aragvi, Iori, Alazani, Khrami, Mashavera, Kazretula, Foladauri, which are the main water arteries and economic subjects of East Georgia due to anthropogenic load are selected as research subjects. The paper presents the environmental assessment of these rivers for 2012-2021. Hydrochemical parameters (natural forms of biogenic elements, heavy metals, basic ions) and physicochemical characteristics (pH, temperature, electrical conductivity, salinity, ° t, DO-dissolved oxygen in water) were determined in the analytical samples. Based on the obtained results, the ecological conditions of the rivers was assessed. Using the proposed equation and integral chemical indicators (taking into account the Water Framework Directive-2000/60/EC) the water quality classification of each river was determined. It should be noted that the selected rivers differ from each other in terms of anthropogenic load, which is why their ecological condition was assessed and classified based on their characteristic indicators. Hydrochemical and physical-chemical analysis of these rivers was carried out in accordance with world-proven best practices. The presented work is also relevant as in the future, in case of accumulation of certain statistical data, it will be possible to recalculate the hydrochemical indicators of these rivers, which will allow us to clearly assess the change in the water quality of these rivers in the past period (for the improvement or vice versa).

Published: Dec 4, 2022

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Biodiversity and climate change