Assessment Aspects Of Ecotourism And Forest Recreation

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N. Grdzelishvili
L. Kvaratskhelia


The paper mentions that the sustainable use of natural resources and the preservation of the ecosystem are important to meet the demands of both current and future generations; Forest aesthetics and recreational function contribute to the development of tourism and related economic sectors. The value of forest recreation can be expressed in numbers in different ways. There are two main ways of determining the value of recreation. The article states that national parks have the greatest potential for the development of ecotourism, the main goal of which, along with the protection of the ecosystem, is the formation of ecological awareness.
The paper discusses the aesthetic assessment, during which the impact of the natural landscape or its components on emotionality is investigated. It is about the emotional reaction of a person to this or that natural complex, it is said that areas of high aesthetic value enjoy more demand. The article also discusses various methods of aesthetic assessment of natural resources.

Published: Dec 4, 2022

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Tourism And Ecology Of The Spiritual World