Some Regional Ecological Problems Of Adjara And Ways To Solve Them

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N. Gvarishvili
N. Kiknadze
G. Tavdgiridze
A. Sharabidze
T. Abuladze


Adjara belongs to a mountainous, land-poor region and is characterized by complex engineering and geological conditions. The intensive rate of development of the territory violates the already fragile balance of the geological environment and leads to the active development of natural geological processes. Natural renewal of ecosystems after natural processes in such territories is a long and complex process. Against the backdrop of a hydroelectric power station under construction in the gorge of the Skhalta River, in order to determine the current ecological state, natural and renewed forest phytocenoses developed on the adjacent slopes of the gorge were studied. The systematic composition of the flora was studied and phytocenological studies were carried out. The level of soil fertility was assessed, the multi-element composition of the soil was studied in order to detect toxic elements.

Natural forest, regenerated forest, ecosystems, soil, multielement study
Published: Dec 4, 2022

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Landscapes and food ecology