Impact Of Weeds On Tomato Plant Diseases And The Number Of Mobile Elements (NPK) In The Soil

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Nunu Chachkhiani-Anasashvili
Guguli Dumbadze


The article concerns how destructive weeds can be to cultivated plants, as evidenced against the ongoing competition between weeds and cultivated plants, since Weeds act as competitors of the crop for various resources required for growth and this is mainly manifested in the three sustenance of life: water, light and food. Weeds siphon off a lot of nutrients from the soil. Weeds provide temporary food, shelter, and even reservoirs for insect pests on crops. They aid in the spread of cultivated plant fungal and bacterial diseases. Studies have shown that weeding contributes to the spread of tomato diseases and the strength of development that will definitely cause interference and decrease the yield.

Published: Dec 4, 2022

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Landscapes and food ecology