St. Numerical modeling of PM10 distribution in the atmosphere of Rustavi during westerly background wind

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N. Gigauri
A. Surmava
L. Intskirveli


Based on experimental measurements and monitoring data, the concentrations of microparticles PM10 scattered in the atmospheric air of Rustavi were investigated. The influence of road traffic on the level of pollution of the city's atmosphere is evaluated. The concentrations of PM10 scattered in the atmosphere in the city and its surroundings are experimentally determined using a mobile device. Areas of maximum pollution have been identified. The diurnal picture of the spatial distribution of PM10 and the characteristics of its distribution during the westerly background wind were obtained by numerical modeling. By analyzing the wind speed and concentration fields, it is accepted that the spatial distribution of the ingredient areas is determined by the background wind speed and direction, the dynamic effects of the relief and the local circulation systems formed by the diurnal change of the subsurface temperature.

ატმოსფერო, დაბინძურება, PM10, რიცხვითი მოდელირება
Published: Nov 30, 2023

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Physico-chemical and space ecology