Numerical modeling of the distribution of heavy metals in bottom sediments of Paliastom Lake

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A. Girgvliani
A. Dzneladze


The paper presents a two-dimensional numerical model of the distribution of heavy metals in the bottom sediments of Paliastom Lake. The mentioned model is included in the project developed for modeling the dynamic characteristics of "flat" reservoirs and is implemented in C++ language in the Visual Studio environment. Validation of the model is carried out by numerical experiments for different metals. The article presents the results of the simulation experiments conducted in order to predict the possible distribution of metals under the conditions of probable model atmospheric exposure.

რიცხვითი მოდელირება, სუბსტანციის გადატანა-დიფუზიის განტოლებები, პალიასტომის ტბა, ფსკერული ნალექები, მძიმე მეტალები
Published: Nov 30, 2023

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Physico-chemical and space ecology