Landscape Ecology: Current issues of theory and Practice

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Nodar Elizbarashvili
Nino Chanturia
Rusudan Elizbarashvili
Lado Grigolia
Lia Bubashvili


The article discusses the view (attitude) of the Georgian geographical school and European scientists in the research of theoretical and practical issues and problems related to landscape ecology. For the majority of Georgian geographers, landscape is one of the key objects of geographical research, although its essence, due to the multitude of different approaches, is often vague and incomprehensible. However, everyone agrees that the most important thing in landscape ecology is the assessment of its structure and functioning, dynamics and ethology, potential and sustainability, current state and other characteristics.
According to European scientists, landscape ecology is a multidisciplinary ecological science that examines the interrelationships between different components of the landscape and provides information on the dynamics of ecosystems, the distribution of species and their ecological functions. According to them, landscape ecology also refers to the structure, function and dynamics of ecosystems, studies the change of landscapes in space and time, the impact of human activities on it. Vegetation, water is considered as one of the components of landscape ecology, or this approach is fundamentally different from the basic, conceptual view of the Georgian landscape school.
The task of landscape ecology specialists is to practically define critical and high conservation value landscapes, landscape management and landscape service(s), landscape planning strategy and tactics.

landscape, ecology, structure, society, landscape management, cultural landscape
Published: Nov 30, 2023

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