Winter season in Adjara and recurrence of some "severe winters" in the context of global warming

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Nazibrola Phagava
Tsira Kamadadze
Khatuna Chichileishvili
Mia Ananidze


Adjara is located on the southernmost coast of the Black Sea coast of Georgia. The klimat of Adjara is subtropical, according to the Zenker formula 77% marine and 23% continental.
The winter season in Adjara is different in coastal and inland mountainous regions. Although the calendar winter in the coastal regions of Adjara begins in December, signs of autumn remain in the coastal regions of Adjara in this month, due to the influence of the Black Sea. Winter here is mostly warm and short. In Western Georgia, winter is warmest in the regions of Gonio and Batumi, where the average temperature of the coldest month is above +5º. Due to the weakening of the influence of the sea, along with an increase in inland mountainous Adzharia, winters are usually longer, snowless and severe.
Against the backdrop of global warming, the severe (coldest) winter in Adjara (frosty and snowless) was repeatedly repeated in the 20th century, and low temperatures were recorded in coastal Adjara (minimum -12.80 in Batumi) and snowless (1.4 m in Batumi in 1985 year, in mountainous Adjara 6-meter snow). Their study is of great scientific and practical importance for the development of agriculture (citrus growing, tea growing).

winter, weather, warming
Published: Nov 30, 2023

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Langshcape ecology and Climat change