Opportunities, challengies snd perspectives of circular green econony in Georgia

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Davis Chiotashvili
Neli Goginashvili
Nana Berdzenishvili


Circular green economy is the most important factor for the sustainable and effective development of the country and the traditional economy in general, which we can safely consider as one of the determining factors of economic development, strategic protection of the environment, protection of the population and social security. The process of transformation of the traditional economy into a green circular economy, despite being a vital and critical necessity, has been a significant problem in all periods and is still facing great challenges today.
Out of all the countries of the world, according to the Global Green Economy Index (GGEI), Georgia currently ranks 44th among 130 countries in terms of green economy development, which in turn is a big successful step towards economic development in the direction of production of renewable and recyclable resources. But, like all important state reforms, the process of transformation of the traditional economy into a green circular economy requires a lot of effort and financial resources primarily from the state and is not immune to the accompanying problems and challenges at different stages of its development and regulation.
The paper analyzes the stages and challenges of establishing, developing, managing and regulating a universal green economy in Georgia.

green economy, circular economy, ecology, ecological economy
Published: Nov 30, 2023

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