Economical and Ecological Aspects of Manganese Obtaining on the Basis of the Village of Tsirkvali

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Pikria Jinjikhadze
Tatia Doghonadze


Our research location - village of Tsirkvali is situated in Tchiatura Municipality which is eight magnitude shake seismic zone on the 500-750meters above sea level. Apart from seismic threat, research territory is also characterized with geodynamic and anthropogenic processes: landslide, erosion, flood, torrent, karst disaster and demolishes caused by mountainous works.
In the north-west part of Tsirkvali there is stratum outlet with manganese deposits in it. Ore is low in quality manganese consistency is up to 45% in it. There is assumed to be particular amount of mica and quartz in mineral and it is highly attenuated that can deteriorate the quality of Ore.
In case of obtaining manganese ore from the village can result in the ecological problem for the local population. The process of obtaining will lead to transformation and degradation of all components of natural territorial complexes.
We assume that the priority for the future development of the village is not the improvement in the field for obtaining but tourism. It is possible to promote the following types of tourism in this area: agro, paleo and adventure tourism. Development of tourism will enable the employment of local residents, enhance economic conditions for them and most importantly, the process of migration will be minimized.

Tsirkvali, manganese, ontaining, ecology, tourism
Published: Nov 30, 2023

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Enviromental protection and ecotourism