Impact of Vibrational Stress on Sex Hormones and Its Correction with Liquid Oxygen

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Ts. Sumbadze
I. Sikharulidze
E. Abzianidze
G. Fichkhaya
S. Markarian


Vibration disease holds a special place among occupational diseases due to its clinical course and variety of symptoms. In this regard, an important issue is the negative impact of vibrational stress on the body's sex hormones and their regulation. For this purpose, we studied the influence of the vibration disease model on the reproductive function of male rats and the correction of the detected disorders with liquid oxygen. Using the approach of immunoenzymatic microanalysis, we assessed gonadotropic (follicle-stimulating FSH and malutheinizing LH) hormones and sex steroids (testosterone T and estradiol E2) in the blood plasma. Research has shown that vibrational stress causes endocrine disorders in the secretion of sex hormones, and oxygen correction is effective in regulating these disorders.

vibrational disease, sex hormones, liquid oxygen
Published: Nov 30, 2023

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Biodiversity and biomedical ecology